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Vacuum Distillation Apparatus,24/40,500ML,With Vigreux Distilling Column

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Vacuum Distillation Apparatus,24/40,500ML,With Vigreux Distilling Column


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  • Classification: Flask
  • Model: 24/40
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: China

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Vacuum Distillation Apparatus,24/40,500ML,With Vigreux distilling Column

1 Be made of G3.3 borosilicate glass.

This borosilicate glass with low linear coefficient of expansion is ideal choice for fabricating laboratory glassware.

Annealing Point                                   ——560C

Linear Coefficient of Expansion      —— 32×10-7/C

Softening Point                                    ——820C

The thickness of the flask wall is 2.5mm.

3 All of the joint is 24/40,This kits has 10 kinds of parts as below:

1.500mL Round Bottom Boiling Flask                          1pc

2. 250mL Round Bottom Boiling Flask                          1pc

3.Thermometer Adapter                                                     1pc

4.Accuracy Thermometer                                                  1pc

5.3-Way Distillation Column 200MM                                1pc

6.Vacuum take -off adapter                                               1pc

7.Liebig Condenser 200mm                                              1pc

8.plastic clip for 24/40 joint                                               5pcs

9.bleed tube                                                                           1pc

10.PH Paper 1-14                                                                  2Packs

all of  the above parts can be substitute with the parts which customer require


We can provide special shape,special wall,special capacity heavy wall laboratory glassware  and other joint size;                                       

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