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Two-way Dichroic Mirror Inverse Blue and Green Through Red and Blue and Green Can Be Customized

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Two-way Dichroic Mirror Inverse Blue and Green Through Red and Blue and Green Can Be Customized


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  • Origin: Mainland China

This product is not the final price, and the MOQ is not limited. Due to the inconsistency of product size, wavelength, transmittance, material, etc., the price is calculated according to the final needs of the customer. The price on the list is for reference only, please contact customer service for quotation. 
1. Take the payment, in principle, any parameters of the product will not accept changes.
2. If the seller’s product is bad due to the buyer’s drawing error or the wrong description, the seller has the right to refuse a refund, and the seller can provide repairs within the scope of ability. The cost incurred will be determined by both parties through consultation. 3. If the seller makes a mistake and the product is bad, the seller can redo it unconditionally.
4. If the product is bad due to the logistics link, the two parties will negotiate and solve according to the actual situation.
Due to the customizability of filter products, the above price is only convenient for customers to purchase. For specific product prices, please consult our company’s sales staff! ! ! 
frown The infrared filter band currently produced by our company is in the near-infrared band, and the specific dimensions and specifications can be customized. Our company reserves a variety of parameters and specifications in stock products, welcome to consult!

Application areas: laser lights, stage computer lights, remote head lights, color wheels, dichroic filters, beam splitters for optical instruments. 

 Customary name: light combiner, laser beam combiner, stage laser light combiner, laser beam splitter, laser beam splitter, RGB combinerlaser beam splitter  Advantages: high transmittance (penetration greater than 97%), high reflection efficiency (reflection greater than 99%), small absorption, small dispersion, low laser loss, clear color, no stray light, no film surface (front and back) Same effect) 

Size: Diameter 15*1.0mm, 25*25*1.0mm, 20*15*1.0mm (other sizes can be customized) 

There are several types of laser beam splitterscombiners: 

 Reverse blue, green and red light combiner (reverse 405nm, 450nm, 473nm, 532nm, 650nm) Incident angle: 45 degrees +/- 5 degrees

470nm reflection 530nm transmission

530nm~700nm T>98% (red light penetration greater than 97%, green light penetration greater than 97%)400nm~490nm T>97% (purple light reflection greater than 97%, blue light reflection greater than 98%) 

  45°Visible light reflection, infrared transmission above 850nm