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Tungsten molybdenum alloy bar and wire slot customization

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Tungsten molybdenum alloy bar and wire slot customization


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  • Origin: Mainland China
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Tungsten molybdenum alloy refers to the alloy composed of tungsten and molybdenum. The content of tungsten in commonly used tungsten molybdenum alloys is 30% ~ 50% by mass. The preparation method of tungsten molybdenum alloy is the same as that of metal molybdenum material and molybdenum alloy, i.e. powder metallurgy sintering processing and smelting processing, which can be used to prepare rods, plates, wires or other profiles.

Molybdenum and metal alloys play an important role in many fields. In addition, tungsten filaments are used for making filaments and heating elements of high-temperature electric furnaces. Metal molybdenum is easy to be processed into wire, tape, sheet, rod, etc., and is widely used in the electronic industry. Molybdenum wire is used as a small hook to support the heating wire in the light bulb, the grid of the electronic tube, etc. Molybdenum and tungsten boat (for vacuum coating).

Tungsten molybdenum alloy containing 30% by mass of tungsten has excellent corrosion resistance to liquid zinc, which is used to manufacture agitators, pipes, vessel liners and other parts in the zinc smelting industry. Tungsten molybdenum alloy can be used as high-temperature components, filaments of electronic tubes, parts and other high-temperature materials under corresponding high-temperature conditions because of its good high-temperature strength, similar performance to tungsten and smaller specific gravity.