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Supply Transparent Infrared Acrylic Filter Screen Printing Acrylic Filter

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Supply Transparent Infrared Acrylic Filter Screen Printing Acrylic Filter


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  • Origin: Mainland China


This product is not the final price, and the MOQ is not limited. Due to the inconsistency of product size, wavelength, transmittance, material, etc., the price is calculated according to the final needs of the customer. The price on the list is for reference only, please contact customer service for quotation. 
1. Take the payment, in principle, any parameters of the product will not accept changes.
2. If the seller’s product is bad due to the buyer’s drawing error or the wrong description, the seller has the right to refuse a refund, and the seller can provide repairs within the scope of ability. The cost incurred will be determined by both parties through consultation. 3. If the seller makes a mistake and the product is bad, the seller can redo it unconditionally.
4. If the product is bad due to the logistics link, the two parties will negotiate and solve according to the actual situation.
Due to the customizability of filter products, the above price is only convenient for customers to purchase. For specific product prices, please consult our company’s sales staff! ! ! 
frown The infrared filter band currently produced by our company is in the near-infrared band, and the specific dimensions and specifications can be customized. Our company reserves a variety of parameters and specifications in stock products, welcome to consult!

The produced filter has the characteristics of strong film adhesion, long service life, accurate wavelength positioning, ion evaporation, small temperature drift, high penetration rate, and high cut-off depth. It is mainly used in fluorescence analyzers, microplate readers, etc. Cable TV upgrade equipment, wireless transmission equipment, mobile phone barcode scanning infrared electronic whiteboard, infrared camera, infrared touch screen, iris recognition external medical equipment, infrared ink recognition, red film recognition face recognition sensor system, handheld infrared laser rangefinder, laser Rangefinder optical instruments, medical and health equipment and testing instruments. 

  The infrared transparent plastic filter is an infrared transparent plastic developed by the company for applications such as infrared communication, infrared windows, infrared cameras, infrared welding, and infrared thermal energy adjustment. It is also called IR Pass Plastics (IPP). A black or deep red material that can be based on a wide range of substrates such as PC and PMMA resin. The characteristic of this material is to give black vision in the visible light range, but can transmit near-infrared region with wavelengths above 800-1600nm. The infrared transmittance can be from 80% to 93% depending on the thickness of the part, working band and color requirements. Not waiting. Color: BlackSize: According to requirements (mm)Material: PMMA/PCThickness range: 1.2/1.6/2.0(mm)mmCustomized processing: YesShape: According to requirementsSpecifications: According to customer requirementsMain purpose :Infrared induction, automatic identification and other instruments