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Silver tungsten alloy bar plate customization

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Silver tungsten alloy bar plate customization


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  • Origin: Mainland China
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Silver tungsten alloy is produced by vacuum infiltration.

Silver tungsten 65 = tungsten 65%, silver 35%

Silver tungsten 70 = tungsten 70%, silver 30%

Silver tungsten 75 = tungsten 75%, silver 25%

Silver tungsten 80 = tungsten 80%, silver 20%

It is applied to high-temperature resistant materials, electrical alloys for high-voltage switches, electrical processing electrodes, microelectronic materials, and used as parts and components in aerospace, aviation, electronics, power, metallurgy, machinery, sports equipment and other industries.

Silver tungsten material has good welding and corrosion resistance, so it is widely used in industry and circuit breaker.

Various types of silver tungsten provide higher silver with higher conductivity, and higher tungsten makes it have greater corrosion and welding properties.

Silver tungsten materials are made of high tungsten content, which burn the contacts of large low-voltage circuit breakers, and carry a stable line current molded case circuit breaker contact and various equipment to protect the circuit breaker. These contacts can also be used for high current contact resistance contact welding and arc erosion. Silver tungsten electrodes are generally used for AC welding of aluminum and magnesium alloys.

The preparation method of silver tungsten is powder metallurgy, and more than 60% of tungsten alloys are produced in large quantities after immersion. It is mainly used for cobalt addition of low-voltage power switches, lifting switches, switching locomotives, high current switch contacts, heavy relays, air circuit breakers, etc. These can improve the ability of wet silver tungsten to reduce contact resistance.

Silver tungsten alloy is manufactured by vacuum infiltration process. The product has high melting point, high specific gravity, easy cutting, high conductivity, high thermal conductivity, high damage resistance, solution welding resistance, oxidation resistance and other excellent characteristics. It is suitable for electrode materials with high requirements

Product application:

It is applied to precision spark discharge electrodes, precision spot welding electrodes, electrical contactors and precision probes.