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Sand core electrochemical cell(with tee)

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Sand core electrochemical cell(with tee)


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  • Origin: Mainland China
  • DIY Supplies: ELECTRICAL

Sand core electrochemical cell

1. The electrolytic cell is often used in the three-electrode system. The electrolytic cell separates reference electrode and working electrode, and is connected by a Lujin capillary to effectively reduce the R drop.

2、The CE and the WE are separated by a sand core to reduce the influence of the electrochemical reaction of the CE on the WE。

3、The air intake adopts a three-way valve, which can easily realize separate downward ventilation, upward ventilation or simultaneous ventilation.

4、The breather tube contains an aerated sand core, which can break the gas and pass it into the solution

5、The cell comes with a lid as standard for easy electrode fixation。