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Plate type electrolytic cell

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Plate type electrolytic cell


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Commodity list:

5ml=5ml electrolytic cell + matched three electrodes + electrode holder. Other specifications in the options have the same meaning.

The default matching three electrodes are: silver chloride electrode + platinum sheet electrode (platinum sheet size: length 10mm * width 10mm * thickness 0.1mm, electrode rod diameter 6mm) + electrode clamp (sample sheet thickness cannot exceed 3mm). If the silver chloride electrode is replaced, you can leave a message in the order remarks and replace the silver chloride electrode with the required electrode name. For example, the order remark information: replace the silver chloride electrode with calomel electrode, and then the three electrodes we send will become: calomel electrode + platinum sheet electrode + electrode clamp: if you replace the silver chloride electrode with mercuric oxide electrode or mercurous sulfate electrode, please perform the same operation, please leave a message on the order or contact the customer service personnel.

1、The electrolytic cell is made of polytetrafluoroethylene.

2、The electrolytic cell is divided into upper layer and lower layer. The upper layer is a groove and the lower layer is a fixed base plate.

3、The electrolytic cell compresses the placed working electrode sample by tightening the surrounding screws.

4、The working electrode of the electrolytic cell is the test sample to be installed. The sample piece is easy to install and disassemble.

5、Electrolyzer can be used for electrochemical test or coating corrosion test before electron microscope scanning.

6、There is a round hole with a fixed area of 1 cm2 at the bottom of the electrolytic cell (you can contact the merchant to customize the required size according to requirements) and a sealable O-ring. After placing the sample in the round hole, compress the working sample by adjusting and tightening the screw on the top of the tank body to achieve the sealing effect.

7、The conductive connection of the working electrode of the electrolytic cell adopts the principle of combining the copper strip with the working sample for sample conduction.

8、The copper strip is easy to use and easy to replace after corrosion, which can better ensure the conductivity.

9、Copper strip: free.

10、Reference electrode: matched silver chloride electrode.

11、Comparison electrode: platinum sheet electrode.

12、Working electrode: test sample (provided by the customer).

13、The effect of electrolytic cell combined with electrode support is better.