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Plat-num Electrode; Purity: 99.99%; Model: 5*5*0.1mm/5*5*0.2mm

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  • Plat-num Electrode; Purity: 99.99%; Model: 5*5*0.1mm/5*5*0.2mm

Plat-num Electrode; Purity: 99.99%; Model: 5*5*0.1mm/5*5*0.2mm


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  • Origin: Mainland China
  • DIY Supplies: ELECTRICAL
  • Certification: NONE
  • Model Number: 5*5*0.1mm/5*5*0.2mm

Product Description:

Platinum electrode
Purity: 99.99%;
Model: 5*5*0.1mm/5*5*0.2mm
Coat material: polytetrafluoroethylene
Total length of electrode: regular size tetrafluoroethylene length 80mm (excluding platinum plate part, excluding terminal length).
Usage and maintenance:
Platinum electrode is an indicator electrode for measuring redox potential. It can be applied to the potentiometric titration reflected by redox reaction after matching with tungsten electrode or calomel electrode. It can also be used as working electrode in three-electrode system. It is suitable for various electrochemical workstations.
The platinum electrode is sealed and welded in a bright platinum sheet in a tetrafluoro rod with a gold-plated copper rod terminal (clamped with a crocodile jaw). The exposed area of the platinum sheet can be customized to various specifications. The electrode tetrafluoro rod is 6mm in diameter and 80mm in length.
Usage and maintenance:
1. the platinum plate can be cleaned in chromic acid solution and washed with distilled water.
2. If the platinum surface is sticky with oil, clean it with acetone, then clean it with chromic acid solution and distilled water.