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Microbial fuel cell electrochemical cell

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Microbial fuel cell electrochemical cell


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  • Origin: Mainland China

Commodity list:

30ml = 30ml electrolytic cell + matched three electrodes. Other specifications in the option have the same meaning.

The default matching three electrodes are: silver chloride electrode + platinum sheet electrode (platinum sheet size: length 10mm * width 10mm * thickness 0.1mm, electrode rod diameter 6mm) + electrode clamp (sample sheet thickness cannot exceed 3mm). If the silver chloride electrode is replaced, you can leave a message in the order remarks and replace the silver chloride electrode with the required electrode name. For example, the order remark information: replace the silver chloride electrode with calomel electrode, and then the three electrodes we send will become: calomel electrode + platinum sheet electrode + electrode clamp: if you replace the silver chloride electrode with mercuric oxide electrode or mercurous sulfate electrode, please perform the same operation, please leave a message on the order or contact the customer service personnel.

• the body of the electrolytic cell is made of polytetrafluoroethylene

• the electrolytic cell is often used in three electrode system. The volume of the electrolytic cell ranges from 30ml to 40ml, which can also be customized according to requirements

• the electrolytic cell is a relatively sealed electrolytic cell system. The cathode chamber (working electrode) and anode chamber (comparison electrode) are isolated by ion-exchange membrane (prepared by the user). The two chambers are sealed and connected by nails, which is convenient to replace the diaphragm. The reference electrode and working electrode are in the same chamber, effectively reducing the r-drop.

• the sealing part of the cell body of the electrolytic cell adopts the design of internal threaded port, and the sealing of the electrode part is realized on the Teflon cell body, and the sealing effect is achieved by squeezing the O-ring with the sealing screw

• the electrolytic cell is equipped with a device that can ventilate under the liquid level, and the atmosphere is adjusted according to different experiments.

• the quartz plate of the electrolytic cell can be disassembled and replaced quickly

• the diameter of the light window of the electrochemical cell: 37mm