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Membrane electrode evaluation test cell reaction cell electrolytic cell

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Membrane electrode evaluation test cell reaction cell electrolytic cell


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10mm-10mm in the option is equivalent to the size of flow field membrane electrode electrolyzer with length of 10mm and width of 10mm, and the meaning of other specifications in the option is the same.

By default, the serpentine flow field membrane electrode electrolyzer is shipped. If you need other flow fields, please leave a message or contact the customer service personnel.

Membrane electrode assembly (MEA) is an important part of hydrogen oxygen fuel cell. It can also be used for electrocatalytic reaction by using appropriate catalyst membrane electrode system. Thanks to the mature fuel cell technology (mature catalyst coating process, mature membrane electrode preparation process, mature bipolar plate manufacturing and design, etc.), CO2 reduction technology based on membrane electrode system is also considered as one of the technical means that is expected to realize industrialization.

Assembly method of gas diffusion layer and ion exchange membrane loaded with catalyst:

The gas diffusion layer and the ion exchange membrane are pressed together by the bipolar plate of the reactor (the bipolar plate is the graphite or metal plate containing the flow channel) (both anion membrane and cation membrane can be used). Generally, first use Cu tape to fix the gas diffusion layer on the conductive bipolar plate (generally, the bipolar plate is made of graphite or metal); Then, cover the exposed Cu tape with Kapton tape to avoid direct contact between the Cu tape and the ion exchange membrane; Finally, the ion exchange membrane is covered and the two bipolar plates are tightly squeezed together.

Selection of flow field (bipolar plate)

Function of flow field: guide gas flow, ensure uniform contact between gas and catalyst, and reduce gas pressure drop.

At present, the commonly used flow fields mainly include straight through, serpentine, bionic vein, etc.

The design of flow field is very important. Excellent flow field design often needs the assistance of fluid dynamics simulation (CFD).

It is suggested that researchers who have just contacted the membrane electrode can start with the common serpentine flow field, and the complex flow field design can be used for reference in the field of hydrogen oxygen fuel cells.

It can provide the processing of common flow field, and can also be customized according to the design results of researchers.