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JPC-7 Multi Band mini-buddipole HF Shortwave GP Outdoor Portable Antenna QRP For Ham Radio I1-006

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JPC-7 Multi Band mini-buddipole HF Shortwave GP Outdoor Portable Antenna QRP For Ham Radio I1-006


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The new version of the antenna replaced the original coil with a sliding regulator in October 2019. The shrapnel was added to the original one, increasing the strength of the shrapnel to make the contact with the coil more reliable. The new version of the coil marks the coils in the 20- and 40-meter bands respectively. When using the 20-meter band, you only need to move the slider contact to the gold mark position, and then shorten the unilateral rod antenna by about 10 cm. Just adjust the whip antenna. Move the slider contact to the silver mark position at the 40-meter band. After the whip antenna is pulled out, it can be used directly. 21 trillion are two turns on each side of the rod antenna, all the rods are pulled out

Parts List:

1 1 connection base (material: nylon)

2 2 multi-band coils (40m-10m, material: nylon)

3 alumina tubes 4 (black), size 19 × 320mm

4 Top 2.5m stainless steel whip antenna (custom thickened)

5 plastic head screws 2

6 Erection of 2 copper connectors for positive V

7 Dedicated black hand bag, 37 * 23cm

8 One special aluminum adapter for tripod connection

Note: Not in paper manual

Selling Point

It is recommended not to add oscillators at will, otherwise it may damage the base. If you want to add up to two aluminum tubes on each side

Mini-Buddipole antenna is a mini version of a small portable antenna designed for field mobile communications. It is completely made according to the original standard, and can work at 2, 6, 10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 30, 40 meters. After shrinking, it is 34.5 cm long. The two vibrators are expanded to 6.6 meters. The size of the bag is: 37cm * 23cm, weight 1.8kg, easy to carry and set up, as long as you have a support rod and feeder, you can set it up. All other accessories are ready for you In addition, if you like the GP installation method, you can buy another ground network and ground anchor to form a set of exquisite PAC-12. Such a set of antennas is equivalent to each of JPC-7 and PAC-12. Very Economical, great value Ground Net, Ground Anchor The coil bobbin and the base are made by die-casting. It is not made by hand. The material is nylon. The aluminum tube is sandblasted and oxidized to black, which is very beautiful Equipped with a special black hand bag, which perfectly protects the antenna, easy to carry, and more graded. Easy and fast to set up, it can be completed in 3 minutes by one person

The aluminum parts in the connection seat have been replaced with copper parts, which is stronger and more durable.

Antenna use precautions: 1. The assembly sequence of each antenna of the antenna is: connection base-two aluminum tubes-induction coil-pull rod antenna 2. When using a low-power antenna, don’t coil the feeder in a circle, and open all the feeders, otherwise it will affect the adjustment of standing waves, and the power of a higher-power antenna will not matter. 3. The first side near the rod antenna is the first circle, counting from the side with the fixed coil screw. Do not count the half circle with the screw. 4. When adjusting standing wave, find the lowest point of standing wave when there is a talent meter, and see if the resonance frequency is high or low. If the resonance frequency is high, it means that the antenna is short. Increase the number of coils of the induction coil. If it is low, shorten the rod antenna or reduce the number of coils of the induction coil.       If there is no talent meter, use the standing wave table that comes with the radio, set it to FM, AM or RTTY mode, reduce the transmit power to about 10 watts, press the transmit button, adjust the radio frequency knob, and look for each frequency band. The minimum point of the standing wave, look at the level of the resonance frequency, and then use the appeal method to adjust Reference data: 40-meter wave band: 7.050-Starting from the side of the aluminum tube are the 5th circle and the 4th circle (positions marked with silver). 20-meter wave band: 14.270- The 7th and 9th circles (golden marked position) are counted from the side of the rod antenna. After pulling out the 10 sections of the rod antenna, shorten the rod on one side by about 10cm. Standing wave 1.0-1.2 It is to shorten the rod antenna on one side, and the other side does not need to be adjusted.„Äč 15-meter band: 21 megabytes are two turns on each side of the rod antenna, and the rod is all pulled out 10-meter wave band: Pull out all ten sections of the whip antenna, and then retract one of the whip antennas to about 7cm, 29.600 standing wave 1.2 Note: Half circle with a screw is not counted