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ITO Conductive Glass 6.6 Ohm Transmittance Greater or Equal to 84% 355*406mm*1.1mm-5 Pieces/box

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ITO Conductive Glass 6.6 Ohm Transmittance Greater or Equal to 84% 355*406mm*1.1mm-5 Pieces/box


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  • Certification: NONE
  • Origin: Mainland China

1: 4-5 Euro-1.1mm thick 5 pieces

2: 6-8 Euro-1.1mm five pieces

3: 10-15 Euro-1.1mm five pieces

4: 15-17 Euro-1.1mm five pieces

5: 4-5 Euro-0.7mm five pieces

6: 6-8 ohm-0.7mm five pieces

7: 10-15 Euro-0.7mm five pieces

8: 6-8 ohm-0.55mm five pieces

9: 6-8 Euro-2mm five pieces

10: 6-8 Euro-3mm five pieces :


Product name: ITO conductive glass (indium tin oxide) 

Product size: 355×406mm (minimum order of 5 pieces) (size can be customized according to requirements) 

Product thickness: 1.1mm /0.7mm/0.55mm/0.4mm can be ordered) 

Product substrate material: soda lime glass (light color)

Corresponding Table of Resistance Film Thickness Permeability


(Ω/□) (%) /s film tickness
300Ω-500Ω ≧88.0 ≦40 130ű50Å
80Ω-100Ω ≧87.0 ≦40 230ű50Å
60Ω-80Ω ≧86.0 ≦45 300ű50Å
40Ω-60Ω ≧85.0 ≦60 350ű50Å
30Ω-40Ω ≧82.0 ≦70 500ű100Å
20Ω-30Ω ≧80.0 ≦100 650ű100Å
15Ω-20Ω ≧85.0 ≦140 950ű100Å
10Ω-15Ω ≧86.0 ≦240 1350ű50Å
6Ω-8Ω ≧84.0 ≦300 1850ű50Å
4Ω-5Ω ≧83.0 ≦360 2600ű50Å

ITO conductive glass cleaning method:

Latest formula cleaning agent: 30% NaOH + 5% acetone + 70% industrial ethanol + 1-2% detergent (for reference)

ITO conductive glass is in the process of production, packaging and transportation. The glass surface may be contaminated by impurities such as dust, grease, etc. It is necessary to clean it before using ITO conductive glass. There are many forms of cleaning, the most common of which is ultrasonic cleaning with organic solvents. Grease stained on the glass surface is insoluble in water, but it is soluble in organic solvents such as toluene, acetone, and ethanol. Among them, toluene has the strongest degreasing ability, so it is cleaned with toluene first, but toluene cannot remain on the glass surface. Because toluene is soluble in acetone, it can be cleaned with acetone again, which not only cleans out the residual grease, but also dissolves the toluene. Likewise, acetone cannot remain on the glass surface. Since acetone is soluble in ethanol, it can be cleaned with ethanol. Ethanol and water are mutually soluble in any ratio, and then use a large amount of deionized water to dissolve the ethanol, and finally put it in anhydrous alcohol for storage, and then take it out for use when it is used, so that many tablets can be washed at one time. Because of some general: toluene (10-20min) → acetone (10- /5min) → ethanol (10-20min) → deionized water (20-30min) for ultrasonic cleaning → anhydrous alcohol storage (after long-term storage) take it out). You can receive good results.

ITO conductive glass preservation method:

ITO conductive glass should be stored at room temperature, the humidity is below 65%, dry and cool, avoid direct sunlight

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