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Essential Oil Steam distillation kit,Only include the whole glassware

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Essential Oil Steam distillation kit,Only include the whole glassware


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 all of the parts as below:


  a set of distillation glassware  include parts as below,

  2000ml 2 neck boiling flask                                                                          1pc 

  2000ml filling flask                                                                                          1pc

  distillation head with 50/40 and 24/40joint                                                1pc

  300mm Liebig condenser with S35 and 24/40  joint                               1pc

  receiver/separatory funnel with teflon valve and 24/40 joint                1pc  



Be made of G3.3 borosilicate glass.


This borosilicate glass with low linear coefficient of expansion is ideal choice for fabricating laboratory glassware.


Annealing Point                                   ——560

Linear Coefficient of Expansion      —— 32×10-7

Softening Point                                    ——820


We can provide special shape,special capacity heavy wall laboratory glassware  and other joint size. 

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