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Electrochemical in situ Raman cell

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Electrochemical in situ Raman cell


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  • DIY Supplies: ELECTRICAL
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  • Origin: Mainland China

1. Product Name: electrochemical in situ Raman test cell.

2. Product model: K008.

3. Product type: photoelectric chemical electrolyzer.

4. K008 is a set of in-situ Raman electrochemical battery. The main material of the electrolytic cell is peek. Cathode chamber and anode chamber are separated by ionic membrane.

5. The window is made of sapphire glass with a diameter of 45mm × The thickness is 1.0mm, the effective diameter is 40mm, and the minimum working distance is 3mm.

6. The specification of working electrode (anode) is 15mm long × 15mm wide and 10mm long effective part × 10mm wide; The relative electrode is configured as a platinum electrode. If users need graphite electrodes, please leave a message in the order notes when purchasing; The reference electrode is Ag AgCl (silver chloride electrode). If users need silver + electrode (silver ion electrode), please leave a message in the order when purchasing.

7. The liquid inlet pipe is connected to the surface of the working electrode to blow away the bubbles generated by the working electrode.

8. Adjust the air inlet and liquid inlet reasonably so that the gas side and liquid side do not interfere with each other, and the parameters should be explored by the experimenter.

9. Use the configured plastic plate to remove the thread gland; T-shaped plastic fittings can be used for cutting the working electrode (anode).

10. Working distance (distance from the window to the sample): 3mm.

11. Reaction area of working sample in solution: 10mm long × 10mm wide.

12. Overall dimension: 87mm long × 70mm wide × 20mm high.

13. Window size (effective): 40mm in diameter.