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Custom made quartz glass pipe flange drilling crucible

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Custom made quartz glass pipe flange drilling crucible


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  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Certification: NONE
  • Standard: ISO
  • Standard or Nonstandard: Nonstandard
  • Size: customized
  • Model Number: QD-PARTS
  • Material: QUARTZ
  • color: clear
  • Work Temperature: 1100 degree centigrade
Product Description

Quartz Glass tube with flange

1.Transparent Quartz Glass tube :
thickness 0.5-30 mm, OD: 1.5-450 mm
2.Thickness Tolerance: +/-2 mm
3.Raw Material: Quartz , SiO2:>=99.99%
4.Color : Clear , Transparent
5.Surface quality :40/20 60/40 6.Transmittance >90%
7.Sharpe: Twin Tube , C Shape, C Shape and so on.
We Can make the size and shape according to customer’s require. Support customization our quartz tube size can designed according your need and can be grinded and polishing the sides according your need !

Outstanding Properties of Quartz Glass Materials

*High purity quartz with silica content 99.99%
*very low thermal couductivity, excellent thermal vibration resistance
*Very high deformation temperature and softening temperature
* High dielectric electric field strength, low dielectric loss, and low conductivity
* Optical transmittance in an extremely wide spectral range from ultraviolet to infrared
* Very good chemical stability, does not react with water, salt solutions and most acids.
* Excellent radiation resistance.
Further-processing of transparent quartz tube:
Ends closing, sand blasting, polishing, bending, cutting, pinching, burning mouth and so on.
The special one, please kindly send me the drawing. We can produce as your requirements
Our Advantages
Professional Quartz Glass deep processing
With the help of high Production technology, we can achieve precise and difficult machining of the arc, slope, slot,sphere,cylinder, cambered and curved surface, and angle of the product.
The customer’s own design. The minimum aperture can reach 0.8 mm and the minimum geometric tolerance can reach±0.01 mm. Finish, surface, roughness and raw materials can be customized according to customer requirement. Product has high precision and long service.

Parameter of quartz glass tube: