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Brand New EEG Caps, All Dry Electrodes, Compatible with OpenBCI Ultracortex_Mark Series EEG Caps

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Brand New EEG Caps, All Dry Electrodes, Compatible with OpenBCI Ultracortex_Mark Series EEG Caps


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  • Origin: Mainland China


Brand new EEG caps (plastic parts are all 3D printed), all dry electrodes (no conductive paste required), compatible with OpenBCI Ultracortex_Mark3/4 series EEG caps, flexible configuration, multiple positions can be matched at will, sticking to the scalp firmly




1. Suitable for any head type

 Orientals and Westerners have different head shapes. At present, EEG is developing rapidly abroad, especially in European and American countries. Therefore, most EEG products (EEG chips are almost monopolized by foreign countries) are designed and produced abroad. Quite a few foreign EEG caps or head frame structures are designed according to the head shape of European and American whites. Maybe

 I usually don’t pay attention to the difference in head shape between European and American whites and Asians. Let’s make a simple comparison of head shapes:

The head shape of Europeans and Americans is relatively narrow, and the forebrain is longer to the back of the brain, which looks like a duck egg when viewed from the top of the head; the head shape of Asians is closer to a rounded square and round shape, and the two jaws are wider, and the forebrain The back of the head is relatively short and looks more like a round shape when viewed from the top of the head. The picture below is a picture of a Japanese program introducing the difference between the head shape of European and Asian characters. This picture vividly depicts the heads of European and Asian people. The difference in type (even affects the modeling of anime characters


2. Better fit 

  The fabric used to fix the dry electrode is a flexible material elastic band. The dry electrode holder is embedded on these elastic bands. After tightening, it will be tightly attached to the scalp when clicked, and the fit will be better than that of ordinary fixed frame (rigid) EEG caps. better 

3. The dry ground electrode contact position configuration is more flexible 

 There are openings for the electrode holder on the flexible fixing belt every 2cm or so

Precautions for using EEG cap 

1. Suggestions for installing EEG caps 

The electrode installation distribution should not be too marginal (installation too marginal will lead to insufficient electrode pressure or not perpendicular to the scalp, which will affect the test performance) 

 All the wires drawn from the dry electrode + ear clip electrode are recommended to be twisted into a single strand. If there is some excess length of this strand, it is recommended that this portion can be rolled up or folded and tied with tape to shorten the length of the strand 

2. Preparation before the test 

 Keep hair, scalp, and earlobes clean and fresh (greasy dirt will affect the contact performance and corrosion of the electrode, it is recommended to use cleansing paste, etc. to clean the hair and left and right earlobes in advance, and keep the hair + scalp dry and fresh after cleaning) 

3. Test suggestions 

 The electrode should be close to the scalp 

 The axis of the electrode disc should be perpendicular to the scalp surface 

  The ear clip electrode is clamped at the position of the earlobe. After clamping, squeeze both sides with your hands to keep it close to the earlobe. 

  4. Posture suggestions 

  Try to keep your body still during the test to avoid sudden shaking 

 5. Measures to improve performance and reduce interference 

 The test environment is a headache variable for buyers in different working environments, so try to turn off the surrounding devices with low frequency interference (air conditioners, fans, microwave ovens, ovens, laptop power adapters (?), etc., the computer’s own cooling fan can be ignored), The ideal environment is: only openbci+ PC work 

 If the waveform is not ideal, you can try to make the EEG board + battery box not connected to the desktop, etc., pinch it in the air with your hand, and fix it on the EEG cap if possible (it is recommended to fix it on the EEG cap) 

  If the waveform is not ideal, you can try to keep the board + EEG cap away from the test computer


statement:  1. The rigid frame part is made of PLA plastic, which is rapidly formed by 3D printers. As the current civil and industrial 3D printing technology is not mature, the 3D printed parts cannot reach the level of injection molded parts in terms of appearance and strength, especially the appearance. ; Our 3D printer is an ordinary civilian 3D printer, using the most commonly used stacking technology. Considering the inverse ratio of accuracy and timeliness, we use ordinary precision for rapid prototyping, but it does not affect the function and performance of each module. What we consider is Practicality, the appearance can not be compared with injection molded parts. If you have requirements for appearance, please take it carefully. We do not accept unreasonable returns based on appearance (not related to function), so after taking the picture, it means that you fully agree with the statement- The appearance factor can be ignored.