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Boron nitride heating crucible

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Boron nitride heating crucible


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  • Origin: Mainland China
  • DIY Supplies: ELECTRICAL

The mall specializes in producing and selling high-purity experimental products for "scientific research institutes, universities and other" scientific research institutions and laboratories. For experiments, we should buy high-cost and high-purity products instead of low-cost and low-purity products. We should buy according to the actual use. Although the purity of industrial products looks the same. We should avoid low purity industrial products entering the laboratory, which will affect the accuracy of experimental results.

The 2ml (16-12-20mm) in the option is equivalent to the size of the boron nitride crucible with a capacity of 2ml, an outer diameter of 16mm, an inner diameter of 12mm, and a height of 20mm. The meaning of other specifications in the option is the same.

Product name: boron nitride crucible

Chemical composition: 43.6% boron, 56.4% nitrogen

Purity: 99.3%

Operating temperature: 2000 ° C (inert environment)

1800 ° C (vacuum environment)

900 ° C (in air)

matters needing attention:

1. In order to ensure the service life of the crucible, it is recommended to use it in a protective gas environment (AR/N2).

2. The maximum working temperature in the air is 900 ℃. When the temperature exceeds 900 ℃, the crucible will be oxidized, affecting its use.

3. It is recommended to store the crucible in a dry, sealed container.

4. Use fine sandpaper or cloth to remove dirt or residues from the crucible. Do not clean the crucible with water.

5. It cannot be used for the treatment of antimony oxide, chromium oxide, molybdenum trioxide, arsenic trioxide, hard titanium alloy, high lead glass glaze, borophosphate, potassium phosphate, chloride and other samples.