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3H type exchangeable film photoelectrochemical cell

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3H type exchangeable film photoelectrochemical cell


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  • Origin: Mainland China

1.30ml = the capacity of large pool on each side is 30ml, and the capacity of small pool is about 5ml.

2. There is a quartz window for photocatalysis in the large pool on one side.

3. The electrolytic cell is relatively sealed. The diameter of the electrode hole on the cover is 6mm and the diameter of the air hole is 3mm.

4. The exchange ports of the two electrolytic cells with large capacity can clamp the exchange membrane for ion exchange experiments, while the small electrolytic cell is a spare reference electrode.

5. The electrolytic cell is divided into single layer and double layer. The single layer has no temperature control function, and the double layer has a port that can connect the water temperature to control the temperature in the battery.

The electrodes in the photos are for demonstration only and are not included.