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2 Pcs Quartz Cuvette Cells with Lid 10mm Path Length Used in Spectrophotometer

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2 Pcs Quartz Cuvette Cells with Lid 10mm Path Length Used in Spectrophotometer


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  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Certification: NONE
  • Standard: ISO
  • Standard or Nonstandard: Standard
  • Size: 12.5*12.5*45mm
  • Material: quartz
  • Color: Clear
  • Volume: 3.5ml
  • Path length: 10mm
  • Type: Laboratory Research Instruments
  • Packing: 2 Pcs/box
  • Technology: Kleber

Product Description
2 Pcs Quartz Cuvette Cells with Lid 10mm Path Length Used in Spectrophotometer
We supply all kinds optical quartz cuvette:like UV quartz cuvette, standard cuvette with lid, standard cuvette with stopper,micro cuvette, fluorescence cuvette, special requirement cuvettes and so on.
Size,capacity and shape can be customized according your drawing.

1.Resistant to strong acids (except hydrofluoric).
2.Resistant to strong alkali.
3.Resistant to organic solvents.
4.Resistant to high temperature.5. each cuvette is equipped with silicone cap,best sealing.
quartz glass
Path length
glue bonding process
Outline dimension:

Quartz Glass Cuvette
The cuvette is also called the absorption cell, the sample cell.
Used to hold the reference solution, sample solution. Compatible with spectroscopic instruments such as spectrophotometers,bloodline analyzers,particle size analyzer, etc. quantitative and qualitative analysis of substances, widely used in chemical, metallurgical, medical, pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection, power plants, water plants, oil and other industries, departments and universities, research institutes, testing, testing and use.It is mainly a quartz cuvette fired from quartz powder, and also has a trace amount of Semi-micro, fluorescent and other cuvettes appear.

Our Service:

1. OEM service
2, produce per customers’ request such as design & package & printing logo
3, special package for fragile products to make sure no broken in transportation
Product Paramenters
Property Content
Property Values
2.2×103 kg/cm³
5.5 – 6.5 Mohs’ Scale 570 KHN 100
Tensile Strength
4.8×107 Pa (N/mm2) (7000 psi)
Compression Strength
>1.1×109 Pa (160,000 psi)
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
5.5×10-7 cm/cm·°C (20°C-320°C)
Thermal Conductivity
1.4 W/m·°C
Specific Heat
670 J/kg·°C
Softening Point
1730°C (3146°F)
Annealing Point
1180°C (2156°F)
Strain Point
1075°C (1967°F)
Electrical Resistivity
7×107 ohm cm (350°C)

Company Profile

The thermal processing of quartz products is our unique advantage,combine with our Continuous innovation in production technology, advanced production and testing Facilities &Equipment,quality guarantee system etc,which can help you solve any problems you encounter when using quartz products. Our factory has a 100% customer return rate. All customers, once they cooperate with us once, they will trust us and choose us as their long-term supplier.